About Us

V.P.Kandasamy is the founder of BVK Group of companies.He was born in the year 1934 at Tuticorin in a hard working family.At the young age of 20 he moved to Chennai wanting to start his own business.He initially began working as a salesman in a shop.In 1957,he started his own business.With all his endeavour and perseverance he brought B.V.Kandasamy & Co to number one position by pushing aside all his competitors.He passed away on 7 th April 1993.

V.P.K.Bhaskar and V.P.K.Velayutham are two sons of V.P.Kandasamy.Elder son,V.P.K.BHASKAR,got into business during the year 1980.That is year BVK Group expanded its territory to pulses processing Industry.Till date it is running successfully under the leadership and guidance of V.P.K.BHASKAR.He also carries the burden of looking after international business through our intending agency company called BVK Pulses Exims Private Limited.

V.P.K.VELAYUTHAM joined the business in the year 1982.He placed himself directly under the guidance of his father V.P.Kandasamy in running B.V.Kandasamy and Co firm.He followed his father's foot steps in each and every aspect of maintaining the reputation and credibility of the company .